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Gruppo Lozzi, Editori dal 1935

Touristic Maps

 Mappe Lozzi Publishing

Lozzi Publishing gained its fame and notoriety by publishing touristic maps.
It has had numerous reprints and updates that have guided tourists since 1980.
Together with the other publishing houses of the Group, we cover the nation with our publications. Lozzi Publishing is in charge of the major tourist cities in North Italy: Genoa, Turin, Milan, Bologna, Verona and Venice.
The publications are available in different sizes and with different presentations of lamination and types of folds designed to make them more handy. The road maps have a focus on the historical center. They include the monuments in 3D for better identification on the map, the lines of the main urban transportation, a road list and a brief description in multiple languages of the most interesting places of the city.
The collections available are:

Collana Mini Map