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Based on an idea of the publisher Franco Lozzi, REMO was founded in 2011, the fiction series "Remo another way of telling Rome" (“Remo l’altro modo di raccontare Roma”).

Libri Remo l'altro modo di raccontare Roma
Linked to the long tradition of publications dedicated to the Roman territory that characterizes the history of the publishing group Lozzi, REMO is a project directed by Giulia Alberico narrative writer, with an eye to the setting Capitoline.
Works of classical writers and unpublished stories by contemporary writers suggest a literary journey into the city searching for atmospheres of yesterday and today to discover and savor.

Libri Remo l'altro modo di raccontare Roma
One way to live Rome throughout imaginary or historical characters that populate it, and filled with emotion and meaning.
The thread that make that relation between the stories told are the road maps of the cartographic tradition Lozzi, which enrich the text to accompany the reader to rediscover places and see them in a new light.

  • Giacomo Leopardi, Lettere da Roma Pag: 192 ISBN: 978-88-97467-17-5 € 9,90
  • Lia Levi, Il matrimonio delle gemelle Pag: 109 ISBN: 978-88-97467-20-5 € 7,90
  • Henry James, Daisy Miller Pag: 128 ISBN: 978-88-97467-18-2 € 7,90
  • Antonio Pascale, L’importante nella vita Pag: 112 ISBN: 978-88-97467-23-6 € 7,90
  • Luigi Pirandello, Novelle romane Pag: 192 ISBN: 978-88-97467-16-8 € 10,00
  • Giovanni Antonucci, Io, Ettore Petrolini Pag: 128 ISBN: 978-88-97467-22-9 € 8,90
  • Gabriele D’Annunzio, Il piacere Pag: 336 ISBN: 978-88-97467-19-9 € 11,90
  • Lanfranco Caminiti, Così viviamo adesso Pag: 112 ISBN: 978-88-97467-21-2 € 8,90
  • Sigmund Freud, Lettere da Roma Pag: 128 ISBN: 978-88-97467-33-5 € 9,90
  • Sigmund Freud, Letters from Rome Pag: 128 ISBN: 978-88-97467-33-5 € 9,90
  •  Adelia Battista, Anna Maria Ortese, la ragazza che voleva scrivere Pag: 122  ISBN: 978-88-97467-37-3 € 12,00
  • Sergio Pent, La gondola Pag: 112 ISBN: 978-88-97467-50-2 € 10,00
  • Paolo Di Paolo, Giorgio Biferali, Viaggio a Roma con Nanni Moretti Pag: 176 ISBN: 978-88-97467-79-3 € 12,00
  • Giovanni Antonucci, Io, Trilussa dalla poesia al café-chantant Pag160  ISBN:  978-88-97467-90-8 Prezzo: € 12,00 
  • Carola Susani, I grandi personaggi di Roma Pag160  ISBN: 978-88-97467-97-7