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Gruppo Lozzi, Editori dal 1935

Lozzi The Group

Gruppo Lozzi Editori - editori dal 1935

Lozzi The Group was founded in the '30s, when the publisher and printer Romolo Lozzi initiated activity.
Gruppo Lozzi Editori - La Ville Eternelle 1937
"The Eternal City" (in 1935 translated into five languages) and "Street of Rome" of 1949 are the first publications, which soon became very useful tools for tourist or for those living and working in Rome. Born by the figure that will characterize all the publications of the Group: issues that represent a point of reference for the knowledge of the territory and of the cultural heritage of Rome, Lazio and later the whole of Italy.
Thanks to his children, together with the contribution of recent generations and members, today the Group's activity consists in the work of eight publishing houses, each specialized in a particular and well defined area of tourism and leisure activities, which are complementary to other.
They are specialized in the fields of tourism and archaeological guides (available up to 25 different languages), the hiking guides, maps and road atlases, calendars, postcards and multimedia products (DVD, ePub, Web).