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Gruppo Lozzi, Editori dal 1935


 Collana Feste & Sagre

Thousands of events to discover, region by region, traditions, countries and gastronomy.
1050 events including pageants, popular festivals, religious festivals and food festivals and markets. A description of the conduct, the origins and curiosity. The guide is an invitation to know the regions in an unusual way, discovering the ancient customs, the folk legends, and culinary traditions.
A special section is dedicated to markets and fairs, where you can find everything dall'oggettino strange, truly antique. Three possibility of consultation: by month, by party, by country.

Feasts, festivals, markets in Tuscany
ISBN: 978-88-97467-87-8  
Price: € 8,80

Feasts, festivals, markets in Lombardy
ISBN: 978-88-97467-88-5                         
Price: € 8,90

Feasts, festivals, markets in Lazio
ISBN: 978-88-97467-91-5                         

Price: € 8,90

Format: 11,5x19 cm.
Pages: 240
Print interior: color, illustrated