Lozzi Publishing

Gruppo Lozzi, Editori dal 1935

GPS - Postcards Shipping Service

Always attentive to the world of tourism also outside the editorial scope, in 2013 the Lozzi Publishing has joined the GPS group, a private operator of mailing tourist postcards.
It is present in the territory thanks to the widespread distribution of maps cultivated over the years and the guides of the major touristic cities of northern Italy, today Lozzi Publishing is a reference point for having the GPS postal service in the cities of Turin, Milan, Verona and Venice.

 Globe Postal Service
Globe Postal Service (GPS) is a private Italian postal operator, leader in private postal services dedicated to tourists and others. GPS is indeed a licensed collector of postcards of postal items throughout the national territory by virtue of the individual license n.1900 / 2013 issued by the Ministry of Economic Development through agreements with international postal organizations participating all'U.P.U. (For more information see the service card).
collection and mailing address of postcards, which from 2015 are also traceable.
GPS is a growing brand, created with the intention of facilitating the meeting between tradition and technology in the postal market of the cards.

Logo Globe Postal Service
Through an extensive and efficient network of sales outlets, Globe Postal Service offers tourists a wide range of unique and innovative services delivered through QR-Code technology:

- Mailing of traditional postcards;
- Possibility for the sender to track the postcard shipped with GPS stamp;
- Possibility for the sender to attach to the medium postcard a video, or photo, viewable only by the recipient;
- Ability to access the geolocation service to buy or send postcards with GPS stamp;
- Ability to receive continuous assistance from GPS customer care;

- GPS Express Points express service that allows the tourist to travel light without worrying of its heavy and / or bulky purchases.