Lozzi Publishing

Gruppo Lozzi, Editori dal 1935

The Flavours and Scents of Rome

 Collana Sapori e Profumi di Roma

THE FLAVOURS AND SCENTS OF ROME: Typical recipes of the Roman cuisine and the restaurants where you can taste them. 
Flipping through the pages you will find photos and recipes that make you want to try a wide variety of typical dishes of the Roman tradition. Those who enjoy cooking will find the pleasure to get engaged to this type of cuisine and to revel in its distinction. In addition to the recipes, you can "taste" the atmosphere of Rome. The book, in fact, is enriched by the images of the prettiest spots of the city, and presentations of the typical Roman trattorias and restaurants where you can taste the recipes shown.
The recipes are divided into; appetizers, first courses, main courses, side dishes and desserts. The recipes were matched to 27 DOC and DOCG wines of Rome.
Also rubbing the leaf on the cover you will feel the fresh scent of fresh basil!

Inglese                   ISBN: 978-88-97467-74-8
Tedesco                 ISBN: 978-88-97467-78-6
Russo                     ISBN: 978-88-97467-75-5
Spagnolo                ISBN: 978-88-97467-77-9
Italiano                  ISBN: 978-88-97467-73-1
Francese                ISBN: 978-88-97467-76-2

Format: 19x19 cm
Pages: 96
Print interior: color, illustrated
Cover: with scented basil
Price: € 9.90