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Gruppo Lozzi, Editori dal 1935


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Founded by the publisher Franco Lozzi, the Lozzi Publishing is a publishing house specialized in tourism. It has a long tradition.
It is part of the Lozzi editorial group, which originates from the publishing house founded in 1935 by Romolo Lozzi, publisher and printer, to which the city of Rome, in 2009, named a street after him because of his great editorial production for the Capital.
Lozzi Publishing is a versatile publishing company but specializes in tourism information with the production of maps of the touristic cities in Northern Italy, as well as informational guides, culinary and lifestyle of the national or local Italian culture.
Always attentive to new trends and developments in the tourism field and committed to the creation of methods for tourists to learn and appreciate the cities. It is in fact present on the web with www.italcamping.it and www.benesseretermeitalia.com sites dedicated to leisure and relaxation.  
It is committed to being active in the field of tourism also in manners not strictly editorial. In 2013 it became part of the GPS Group, a national service of mailing of tourist postcards, in which it became an ambassador in the cities of Venice, Verona, Milan and Turin where it has been present for years with their publications of tourist character.

La Lozzi Publishing

Without forgetting its connection to the Roman territory in which it is headquartered Lozzi Publishing created the fiction series "REMO - another way of telling Rome," (“REMO – l’altro modo di raccontare Roma”) where the great authors of the past and the contemporary scene are used to give voice to the Eternal city, its moods and its scenery. The book also included city maps that contextualize the described locations.

The passion for soccer that the publisher Franco Lozzi has, began in 1994, the success of editorial Voglia di Calcio, which in 2014 celebrated its 20 years thanks to a large group of fans who have always supported.